What is the Arizona for Life March and Rally?

Arizona for Life March and Rally is a celebration of life designed to inspire, educate and activate the already strong pro-life community in Arizona.  It is hosted by a community of organizations dedicated to the sanctity of human life.

What is meant by Sanctity of Life?

All innocent human life, from conception to natural death, deserves the protection of the society where it comes into being and from which it departs in natural death.  Humans are profoundly valuable because they are made, unlike any other creature on the planet, in the image of God.  The roots of this belief go well beyond the beginning of the United States, but they are also a root part of our founding as a nation. As Thomas Jefferson put it clearly in our Declaration of Independence, human persons are “endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights, and that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  Life, the first right, precedes and makes possible all other rights.

Why do we march?

Click to view the AZ Life Rally Statement of Purpose


Who is putting this event together?

The Arizona Life Coalition is hosting this event.  This is a team of diverse, committed pro-life organizations who are committed to inspiring, educating and activating the pro-life cause in Arizona as well as helping women facing difficult pregnancies.  You may recognize the organization from the “Choose Life” license plates you see on Arizona roads.  The March and Rally this year is another way the Arizona Life Coalition serves to move the cause of upholding and protecting every human life in our state. To order a "Choose Life" license plate and support your local pregnancy centers while you drive, visit http://chooselifeaz.org/plates

Is the event free?

Yes, there is no reason to bring money unless you would like to buy food or a t-shirt.

Where is the event held?

The Launchpoint for the March is at Cesar Chavez Plaza on Washington Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue.  

The March leads to the Rally which will occur on the NE grounds of Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza, part of our State Capitol area, on 16th Avenue and Washington Street.


What is the timeframe of the event?

  • Gathering at Cesar Chavez plaza begins at 10:30 AM.  
  • Brief Address before March begins at 11:10 AM.
  • March begins at 11:30 AM and finishes approximately 12:30 PM.
  • Rally begins at 12:30 PM and finishes approximately 1:45 PM.
  • Event will be concluded before 2 PM.

Is there parking nearby?

Yes, public parking is available at several places near both Cesar Chavez Plaza and Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza, as seen in the image below.  It will be paid parking.  Please review your options ahead of time.  We highly encourage the lightrail, carpooling, and chartering a bus for larger groups. 

Where should buses drop off?

Buses should drop off on Jefferson Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue, the South side of Cesar Chavez Plaza.  There is a drop-off lane for buses at the Plaza.  


Where should buses park during the event?

Buses may park at the Capitol parking lot on the west side of the Capitol building. 


Where should buses pick up after the Rally?

Buses should pick up their groups along 17th Avenue East of the State Capitol building.


Do you have a recommended bus company?

We do not have a recommendation on this.  We encourage leadership to find the company that best suits their needs.

Is the event accessible by light rail?

Very!  Both the Eastbound and Westbound Light Rail stops are within two blocks of our starting point, Cesar Chavez Plaza.  We highly encourage parking elsewhere and coming on the Light Rail.

Will there be memorabilia for sale?

Yes, event t-shirts are available for sale on a limited basis.

What should I bring?

Plan for weather, which could vary in Arizona this time of year.  It is currently projected to be a high of 60 degrees, so a light jacket is recommended.  Sitting will be on the grass in the Bolin Plaza.  NO CHAIRS are allowed in Wesley Bolin Plaza except in limited areas on the cement, so bring blankets to sit on. There WILL be a cordoned off handicapped area for use with a good view.

You will want to bring a lunch/snack, or plan to bring cash to purchase food at a  limited number of food trucks present at the Launchpoint of the March; you may want to purchase food to eat before the March or upon arrival at the Rally.  NO FOOD will be for sale in the Rally area due to venue restrictions.  Water will be available at both the Launchpoint and Rally area, but you may want to bring water as well.

Energy, enthusiasm, and joy!

Should we bring signs?

We encourage bringing positive, life-affirming signs that celebrate the beauty and dignity of each human life! This is a family-friendly event, so we strongly ask that you not bring graphic abortion images. 


Can I attend the Rally without attending the March?

Yes.  Those who cannot do the March are more than welcome to join us for the Rally.  There is parking near Wesley Bolin Plaza as well.  Again, we encourage you to look at your parking options ahead of time.

Will there be restrooms at each site?

Yes, we will have portable facilities ordered for both the launch and rally locations.  Location at Cesar Chavez Plaza will be the South curb.  Location at Wesley Bolin Plaza will be behind the stage in the parking lot.